Indigestion in Winter: Why digestive problems increase in winter? these are the reasons

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Indigestion in Winter: Winters have started, in such a situation most people often face the problem of indigestion, especially in winters. Well, while some people find it easy to empty their stomach in the morning, others find it a herculean task. Its direct effect is from our daily routine living in winter, due to which people have to face digestive problems. Let us know why digestive problems increase in the winter season-

due to indigestion in winter

Many people’s metabolism slows down in the winter, which makes it challenging to have regular bowel movements. As a result, stomach problems persist. Therefore, it is important to understand its root cause so that you can get rid of the problematic elements.

Read about 5 causes of digestive problems in winter-

1. Eating more junk food

In this season, people like to enjoy delicious food in abundance. However, junk food not only slows down your digestion but can also cause problems like bloating, which can harm your digestive health. Junk food is mostly flavored and lacking in essential nutrients, it can also lead to irritable bowel syndrome. Apart from junk food, processed food should also be avoided.

Instead eat cooked vegetables, whole grains, pulses, fresh fruits and seeds. Also stay away from spicy food as it can cause heartburn and abdominal pain. Also keep in mind that there should be sufficient amount of food in your plate as excess food can cause digestive problems.

2. Not drinking enough water

With the drop in temperature, we tend to reduce our water intake as well. It is necessary to drink sufficient amount of water daily to get rid of all the toxins in the body. Due to lack of water in the body, the intestines find it difficult to digest food and can cause constipation. So, try to have enough liquid stuff during winters to stay away from digestive issues.

3. Carbonated Drinks

As soon as the cold weather starts, replace substances like soda and cold drinks with coffee or fruit juice during this time. Drinks like cold drinks contain a lot of bubbles, which can upset your stomach and cause pain. Apart from this, such drinks can also take a toll on the health of your teeth.

4. Stress

The cold air of winter can at times be stressful for our body and especially for the digestive system. It can cause cramps, bloating and loss of appetite. Therefore, it is very important to do yoga, meditation or other exercises like walking, any other physical activity, this can keep yourself stress free.

5. Lack of sleep

A good sleep acts as a medicine, which can solve many problems. While lack of sleep can increase stress levels which is not good for gut health. Better sleep means better stress management.

Apart from all the above reasons, keeping yourself warm is also very important in reducing the pain associated with indigestion and stomach cramps. So wear enough warm clothes in winter.

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