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InVita Healthcare Technologies and GPI USA have Teamed up to Deliver a Continuous Blood Management Solution

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GPI USA (formerly Hemasoft), a leading software provider for complex medical environments including blood, plasma, tissue, and implants, and InVita Healthcare Technologies, a leading software provider for complex medical environments including blood, plasma, tissue, and implants, have announced a collaboration in the world’s first end-to-end blood distribution system. From donor procurement and processing to blood transfusion and patient treatment follow-up, the comprehensive integrated product package will connect all blood center operations.

Blood centres, blood banks, cell therapy laboratories, cord blood banks, and tissue banks use GPI USA’s web-based applications. GPI USA is a pioneer in offering web-based applications provided as cloud services, including a Blood Establishment Computer Software (BECS) framework that has been 510(k)-cleared as medical equipment by the US Food and Drug Administration. GPI USA is the North American office of GPI SpA, a multinational healthcare software supplier with over 60 countries in which its products are deployed.

InVita Healthcare Technologies’ President and CEO, Todd Collins, was quoted “This collaboration provides a single, flexible, and diverse environment for the processing and management of blood products. Blood collectors will be able to see their stocks and items in action across their supply chain for the first time, thanks to a unified chain of custody monitoring system. Regardless of the scale of the blood center—community, multi-state, or national—this device has anything a blood collector might want or need to succeed.”

Customers and employees of InVita and GPI USA will benefit from this collaboration because they will have access to real-time data across the management continuum from any venue and on any computer. Never before have had blood and plasma collectors had such a detailed understanding of their activities at the local, federal, divisional, and corporate levels.

GPI USA, Inc. CEO Bruno Rousselin was quoted “GPI USA’s plan to concentrate on providing web-based Blood Establishment Computer Systems while collaborating with fully integrated vendor technologies for Donor Marketing and Mobile Scheduling has reached a major milestone with this partnership. Our web-based e-Delphyn Donor BECS would be the first option on the market that is completely compatible with InVita’s products and allows for real-time communications, giving our clients more exposure and allowing for quicker decision-making.”

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