JournoMed And NSRCEL Announce Media Fellowship 2021-22 For Doctors

Medical practitioners can facilitate responsible and respective reporting on issues related to various aspects of healthcare. Core themes are around mental wellness, health and wellness and technology adoption for medicos.

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JournoMed, the health and medical based news platform from MedPiper Technologies, has joined hands with NSRCEL to bring forth JournoMed Media Fellowship 2021-22 for medical practitioners. The fellowship will facilitate responsible and respective reporting on issues related to various aspects of healthcare.

JournoMed Media Fellowship 2021-22 aims at building/strengthening rapport with the medical community in India to encourage in-depth, insightful reporting on medical humanitarian and public health issues of concern for JournoMed. The fellowship will be used for encouraging reporting in a responsible manner to improve people’s understanding and increase their awareness on topics that impact health, concern medical practitioners and drive outcomes for research and the society.

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This year, the media fellowship will focus on technology adoption and changing patient interaction/outcome landscape for medicos; general health and wellness – evolving trends and blind spots in public health during COVID; and mental wellness as its topics. Participants can also submit additional topics for consideration. JournoMed will also organise webinars, panel discussions, outreach within the community and network to host and lead engagements for the selected fellows.

Professional doctors working in private, aided, or medical research in India with a minimum two years of professional experience in writing on health, development, public policy and/or related issues can apply for the fellowship.

The selected fellow will receive funding up to ₹150000, which will support research, travel, accommodation, meals for a period of six months.

JournoMed is a digital media platform with a vision to boost public healthcare by raising health literacy levels globally. We are committed to providing healthcare information which is of high quality and based on evidence. JournoMed offers latest medical news & expert perspectives; essential point-of-care drug-disease information, and relevant professional education and CME.

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