Modern Healthcare names Kara Trott, Founder of Quantum Health, as one of 2022’s Top 25 Women Leaders

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Quantum Health

Quantum Health®, the industry-leading healthcare navigation and care coordination company, is proud to announce that Kara Trott, Founder and Board Chair, has been named by Modern Healthcare as one of 2022’s Top 25 Women Leaders.

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This award honors the nation’s top female healthcare executives innovating and improving healthcare delivery. Trott joins a diverse group of leaders from some of the most prominent organizations in the United States making a positive impact on healthcare today.

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Navigating healthcare can be confusing, frustrating and costly for everyone involved. Trott founded Quantum Health in 1999 with the belief that no one should have to navigate the healthcare experience alone. By putting healthcare consumers first, she launched the first-of-its-kind consumer care coordination and navigation company focused on providing employees of self-insured employers a more effective and satisfying healthcare experience. With Quantum Health, Trott created a new category of navigation and concierge platforms — which today is a rapidly growing, multibillion-dollar market.

“I am very honored to be named by Modern Healthcare as one of 2022’s Top 25 Women Leaders,” Trott said. “Healthcare continues to grow in complexity, and it’s gratifying to join other innovative leaders dedicated to transforming the healthcare landscape. Consumers are at the heart of everything we do at Quantum Health, and we continue to innovate and grow to ensure they have the best possible experience and achieve the best possible outcomes.”

Trott created Quantum Health’s unique, research-driven platform that combines the power of robust data, proactive insights and technology with empathetic expert guidance. These tech-enabled experts, known as Healthcare Warriors, work directly with both providers and employees, ensuring that they engage with the right healthcare services at the right time, in alignment with their benefits plans.

By leveraging data through its proprietary Real-Time Intercept® technology, Quantum Health engages in most cases before a first claim is even incurred. This early intervention drives better consumer engagement and experience, enhances clinical outcomes and reduces healthcare costs for both the consumer and the employers sponsoring their benefit plans.

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Under Trott’s leadership, the company has grown steadily, with more than 1,600 employees serving more than 400 self-insured employer clients and more than two million members. Annual revenue growth has consistently exceeded 20 percent, demonstrating the ongoing need for solutions that both simplify and improve the healthcare experience for consumers and providers, while also helping employers gain better engagement and retention, improve overall benefits utilization and manage costs.

Quantum Health's office offers stress-free sanctuary, retreat

As Quantum Health has continued its growth trajectory, it has correspondingly expanded its leadership team, recently adding Zane Burke as CEO. “I joined Quantum Health because of Kara’s vision and unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on healthcare,” said Burke. “With Quantum Health, Kara created one of the only consumer engagement platforms that consistently delivers results: engagement, experience and ROI. Every day, we work together to build on her vision and provide even more value to our members, clients and provider stakeholders, with the goal of serving even more consumers and improving more lives.”

Burke continued, “I am thrilled that Kara is being recognized for her innovation and dedication to creating a better and more effective consumer healthcare experience. By creating Quantum Health, she transformed the healthcare industry. Modern Healthcare could not have chosen a more deserving leader.”

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