Kidney Stones: Stone patients should not forget to eat these things, problems may increase

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Kidney Stones

To be healthy Kidney , it is very important for all the parts of the body to be healthy. Defect in any of these organs adversely affects the health. Especially, heart, lungs, kidney, liver etc. are the main organs. Special care should be taken of them. For this, it is necessary to follow the right diet and the right routine. The main function of the kidney is to clean the blood. Simply put, the main function of the kidne is to separate water and sodium from the blood and produce urine. Wrong eating hinders the functioning of the kidney. For a long time, due to wrong eating and drinking less water, stones start forming in the kidney. In this condition, the person has pain in the back and stomach. This pain sometimes becomes unbearable. For this, drink sufficient amount of water daily. At the same time, stone patients knowingly or unknowingly consume many such things, which are not right to consume. If you are also a stone patient, do not forget to consume these things-

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dairy products

According to health experts, stone patients should consume dairy products in moderation. Calcium and potassium are found in abundance in these things. This can increase the size of the stone. If you consume dairy products, then definitely consult a doctor.

don’t eat non veg

Stone patients should also avoid non-veg. Especially, do not consume red meat at all. Health experts always advise kidney stone patients not to eat non-veg. Protein is found in abundance in non-veg things. This increases calcium in the urine.

don’t eat citrus fruits

Do not eat sour fruits and vegetables. Vitamin-C is found in abundance in these. This leads to the formation of stones in the kidne. According to health experts, consuming oxalate rich foods can increase calcium in the kidney. For this, avoid Vitamin-C rich foods as well.

don’t eat processed food

Stone patients should also consume salt in limited quantity. For this, avoid processed and junk food. The amount of salt in these is high. Salt is used more in these to keep them safe for a long time.

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