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Leading Companies Tap Adobe to Improve Digital Healthcare Innovation

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Adobe recently revealed that it is now enabling leading healthcare organizations to improve their patient service experiences through digital healthcare innovation. Adobe Experience Cloud will be used by seven of the top ten healthcare providers, eight of the top ten healthcare payers, and nine of the top ten pharmaceutical firms to reach patients with essential knowledge and services in real-time.

Adobe’s business apps, such as Adobe Experience Cloud, Marketo Engage, Adobe Experience Manager Managed Services, and Adobe Sign, which are HIPAA-compliant, enable deeper end-user interaction through multiple touchpoints. According to an Adobe spokesperson, Marketo Engage allows businesses with complex consumer journeys to target and engage with individuals and account-level audiences.

Adobe Experience Manager Managed Services also gives businesses the ability to develop and produce customized content. Adobe Sign also simplifies automated self-service solutions and eliminates the potential for confrontation.

Pfizer, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Walgreens, Mercy Health, Veeva, and Change Healthcare are among the companies involved in the campaign.

In the announcement, Anil Chakravarthy, executive vice president and general manager of Adobe’s digital experience division and worldwide field operations, said, “The pandemic has forever altered how healthcare is provided, which now involves strong patient standards for timely and personalized treatment.”

“Healthcare can be provided in real-time at scale, with the individualized quality that customers demand today,” Chakravarthy added, leveraging Adobe Experience Cloud and keeping privacy and protection in mind.

Pfizer is now using Adobe Experience Cloud to improve physician involvement and patient relationships. Adobe Analytics also allows the organization to gain consumer insights through digital experiences. Thus, Walgreens Boots Alliance uses Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe Target, and Adobe Campaign to provide a customized, omnichannel experience to its 120 million global customers.

These tools allow Walgreens to customize any aspect of the digital experience for non-pharmacy consumers, including email, the company’s website, and the smartphone app. According to the announcement, Walgreens Boots Alliance boosted revenue by 155 basis points in the last quarter by personalizing the consumer experience.

During the height of the pandemic, Thermo Fisher Scientific used Adobe Experience Manager to launch the COVID-19 webpages. COVID-19 updates, scientific diagnostic kits for scientists, and information on the company’s research-based technologies are all available on the website.

“As a leading producer of life sciences equipment, Thermo Fisher Scientific wanted to bring critical knowledge and goods to many of its distinct customers, including researchers, scientists, and healthcare practitioners, as soon as possible during the pandemic,” according to a spokesperson.

Mercy Health has collaborated with Adobe to provide a more efficient and comfortable healthcare environment for its patients.

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