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Magnolia Medical Launches New Company Website to Educate Healthcare Providers on Blood Culture Contamination and to Increase Awareness of the Devastating Impact of Sepsis Misdiagnosis

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Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc., inventors of Steripath®, the only FDA 510(k)-cleared device platform specifically indicated to reduce blood culture contamination for sepsis testing accuracy,1 today announced the launch of its new website ( supports the company’s mission to significantly improve the diagnostic accuracy for sepsis testing to directly, immediately, and significantly enable antibiotic stewardship initiatives, prevent patient harm, and improve patient outcomes.

One of the primary goals of the website is to educate the healthcare community on the role of diagnostic stewardship on antimicrobial stewardship and quality outcomes, and how technology solutions, like the Steripath® Initial Specimen Diversion Device®, align with these goals by engineering compliance and achieving equity of care across hospitals and healthcare systems.

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The website provides a streamlined user interface for improved navigation and has been designed to scale with Magnolia Medical’s expanded educational offerings. also features specially curated on-demand content for stakeholders within nursing, infection prevention, quality, laboratory, and hospital administration on the specific pain points these departments may experience due to blood culture contamination, and the clinical and economic implications of a sepsis misdiagnosis.

Additionally, the website allows healthcare providers and institutions to sign the Mission to ZERO® pledge and rally around a common cause of eliminating sepsis misdiagnosis due to the preventable error of false-positive blood culture results. For each person who signs the pledge, “I am committed to helping prevent sepsis misdiagnosis by providing diagnostic excellence and the highest level of patient care possible,” Magnolia Medical will make a donation to Sepsis Alliance in support of its efforts to increase awareness of the devastating impact of sepsis on the patients and the community while advocating for improvements in sepsis care.

“ has been developed as a comprehensive resource to educate the healthcare community on evidence-based approaches to dramatically improve patient safety and quality outcomes via sepsis testing accuracy,” said Greg Bullington, CEO of Magnolia Medical. “Recognizing the immense time and resource constraints healthcare professionals face in today’s environment, the new site was designed to provide an easy to navigate, ‘one-stop’ resource where essential information on the problem, cause, and solution for sepsis misdiagnosis is readily accessible.”

“I am also thrilled to support Sepsis Alliance in raising awareness of sepsis and the urgent need to seek treatment when symptoms are recognized,” Bullington continued. “Magnolia Medical’s mission is to improve the accuracy of sepsis testing. With Stormpath, we can increase clinician confidence in blood culture results, enabling safer and more effective patient treatment decisions for patients suspected of having sepsis.”


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