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Maintaining Patients Connected at North Cumbria Hospitals

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While hospitals seeing stays suspended as a result of Covid-19 limitations, North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust is working to keep their families attached.

New volunteers have recently been recruited into the maintaining Patients Connected’ project and the Trust is encouraging more individuals to use to be a volunteer.

Nicole Cottingham, the volunteer coordinator for Maintaining Patients Connected, stated: “The project intends to assist our patients and their families but we also expect it helps take the strain off busy ward employees.

“We’ve got two volunteers that have begun on Elm A ward in the Cumberland Infirmary, 1 volunteer waiting to begin on Eden Unit at Penrith, and 2 volunteers waiting to begin on Ward 4 in the West Cumberland Hospital.”

Maintaining Patients Linked volunteer, Sarah Naismith, that has been focusing on Elm A stroke ward in the Cumberland Infirmary, said: “Volunteering has been very rewarding and has given me excellent insight into sufferers and families of individuals who’ve experienced strokes.

“It’s given me compassion and understanding and I have been informed by both patients and staff who my service is greatly valued so so much and affirms why I’m doing the job”

Nicole included: “In general there are 20 volunteers who’ve been recruited or are from the recruiting process and five brand new applicants that have only applied through NHS Jobs.

“We are working closely with Cumbria Council for Voluntary Service (Cumbria CVS) to market and crawl so hopefully, we will have the ability to attract more volunteers to employ in the not too distant future.”

An information session for anybody who’s contemplating becoming a volunteer is currently happening on Friday 30th April from 11 am to 12 pm online through zoom.

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