Medicx Health And MadHive Launch Programmatic OTT Solution For The Healthcare Industry

Partnership provides expanded access to privacy-compliant over-the-top (OTT) targeting for Health, Medical and Pharma advertisers

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Medicx Health announced a partnership with MadHive, the enterprise software that powers modern media, to create a new privacy-compliant end-to-end OTT solution for the healthcare industry.

As consumers rapidly cut their cable cords, streaming TV is driving a shift in how, when and where audiences consume content. OTT advertising combines digital advertising’s targeting capabilities with linear TV’s broad reach and scale, providing advertisers the opportunity to reach incremental audiences across this fast-growing channel.

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The new OTT offering combines Medicx’ industry leading deep medical targeting expertise with MadHive’s ability to reach audiences across the OTT universe. The result is a unified, integrated solution for audience planning, campaign forecasting, execution, and measurement that enables medical and pharma practitioners to reach patients in need with confidence and efficiency.

Frank Hicks, EVP of Product Strategy and Partnerships, stated “We are excited to offer clients an integrated ability to plan, execute and measure their OTT campaigns, combining the strength of MadHive’s OTT programmatic software with Medicx’ industry leading high performing healthcare audience segments and cloud-based measurement and analytics platform.”

Medicx Remains the Premier HIPAA-Compliant US Healthcare Marketing Technology & Analytics Company

The partnership is already driving superior results in the market, achieving a 100% increase in patients reached through emerging OTT channels. This expanded access will provide end-to-end managed service for both Medicx and MadHive clients.

Adam Helfgott, CEO of MadHive stated, “The healthcare industry is ripe for innovation, yet it holds some of the strictest privacy and compliance standards in advertising. As cord cutting continues to accelerate, programmatic OTT allows advertisers to run targeted, precise campaigns to reach streaming viewers. MadHive designed our industry-leading OTT product to simplify programmatic advertising while providing transparency and privacy protection at every step. We are excited to partner with Medicx to set a new standard in medical advertising.”

This partnership marks a paradigm shift in an industry looking for innovative solutions to meet and exceed the regulatory requirements and HIPAA compliance standards. By unifying two leaders in their respective fields, this combined offering is a quantum leap in innovation that lays the groundwork for the future of medical and pharma marketing.

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