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MediKarma Selects 1upHealth as its Interoperability Partner to Help Patients Acquire Their Medical Records from Hospital EMRs

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a global leader in an AI-based patient engagement, education and navigation platform, has selected 1upHealth, the market leader offering healthcare’s most complete FHIR® data platform, as its interoperability partner to help patients request and acquire their medical records through FHIR-based APIs. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) is the future of healthcare that brings together claims and clinical information in one common standard to drive innovation.

MediKarma, Inc. intends to upend the healthcare market by providing a consumer-focused platform with personalized human body visualization, a dynamic health score and an AI voice companion that answers the important, recurring question, “What do I do next?” By integrating seamlessly into a consumer’s lifestyle and leveraging data from multiple sources, MediKarma reduces friction within the healthcare journey and provides the best next action, which enables an improved healthcare experience.

The interoperability partnership between MediKarma and 1upHealth solves two significant user challenges: one, helping patients quickly access all of their medical and EMR records from multiple sources, and two, helping patients make sound decisions about the best way to enable continuous improvements in their personal healthcare.

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“MediKarma’s AI-enabled healthcare coach and daily health scores provide easy-to-access and Next Step information for the consumer. Finding a vendor with an accurate, easy-to-navigate records collection capability was paramount when selecting 1upHealth as an interoperability partner,” says Kris Narayan, CEO of Medikarma. “The 1up|Health History app is easy to navigate and enables complete user-health history to be integrated into the Medikarma workflow in under an hour.”

“1upHealth is leading healthcare’s conversion to FHIR®, a standard that is based on the same web technologies that have transformed other industries such as retail, travel and finance,” said Joe Gagnon, CEO of 1upHealth. “We purpose-built a modern data architecture to rebuild how healthcare accesses, stores, analyzes and shares data using a scalable, serverless environment.”

The 1up|Health History application enables individuals to connect and request their health data from the company’s integrated network of 10,000+ clinical and payer endpoints. The disparate data is then ingested and conformed into clean FHIR® that is more timely, usable, and computable.

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