Memory Enhancing Foods: Consuming these things can stay away from dementia

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Suddenly forgetting  something  that  happened  a while ago,  looking for something and   thinking in  the middle of what you were looking for,  kept by yourself      Wasting hours   finding something.  Do  such things happen to you  too?  If so, there is no need  to panic.  Because it is not a sign of  dementia or Alzheimer’s, but can be a sign  of weak memory with increasing age.

Memory Enhancing Foods:

Workload, stress, anxiety, chaotic  lifestyle and unbalanced eating are also enough to damage  your brain.     Which  gradually affects your ability to remember  tasks and things.  Even if these symptoms seem  normal  to you in  the beginning, but   if you do not pay attention,  it can  actually turn into a  serious disease.  So the following diet   can help you to  protect your brain from this damage and keep  it healthy…

  1. Barries

Rich in nutrients  like antioxidants, fiber, iron, zinc, berries are a great  food item to   maintain your mental health.  The consumption of berries is also   advised by doctors.   Berries can  also  be consumed  to reduce the risk of mental diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

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  1. Fish

Many studies have      shown   that fish  can be a good option to  protect your brain function.  Therefore,  fish should  be  consumed  at least once a  week.  Let us tell you that  to avoid  diseases like Alzheimer’s, omega-3 rich  substances   must be included  in your diet.  And in fish, it is present in sufficient  quantities.

  1. Dry fruits

Dry fruits contain  a good amount   of fiber, antioxidants and fat.  According to a study,   walnuts  are quite beneficial for the  health of your brain  .    In addition,   consuming dry fruits  helps in  reducing bad cholesterol  in the body.  Also,  people  who eat  dry fruits  also have a lower risk of heart disease.

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