Microsoft and AXA are Teaming up to Provide a Digital Healthcare Platform for Customers

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AXA also revealed that it is partnering with Microsoft to develop a digital healthcare network that will enable anyone to access a virtual healthcare system.

AXA’s global presence and expertise in healthcare, banking, industry, and technology architecture will underpin the relationship. Microsoft will contribute its cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and collaboration with healthcare clients and third-party suppliers’ experience.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare will be used to power the network, which will provide Azure API for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). This helps patients to gain insight without jeopardizing their privacy.

“The heterogeneity, complexities, and costs of health services are an obstacle to treatment in many countries. In the announcement, Thomas Buberl, CEO of AXA, said, “This new network of services that we have built with Microsoft is a powerful lever to provide consumers with access to the latest healthcare solutions.”

Buberl added, “This also demonstrates the critical importance of AXA’s technical capabilities in the performance of its Payer to Partner approach.”

AXA’s integrated healthcare network will link its digital health offerings and help patients at any point of their e-health journey. A self-assessment and preventive app, a hospital concierge, a teleconsultation interface, a remote record vault, home care facilities, or a list of healthcare providers may be among the services available.

Furthermore, the platform would tear down healthcare silos in order to improve science, therapies, and disease prevention.

The ecosystem, according to an AXA spokeswoman, is customized to the treatment offerings and specificities of local health networks.

Late last year, a pilot program in Germany and Italy was introduced, which included a self-assessment platform, teleconsultation, and a medical concierge to help with appointment scheduling. By 2022, the program is scheduled to be operational in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, and Switzerland.

Employees are now supporting Microsoft 365’s cloud-based networking and collaboration platforms to increase productivity and speed up business.

The 2019 announcement stated, “AXA workers use the suite of software in Microsoft 365 Apps for business to bring to life a modern workspace that runs on anywhere, anywhere access to conveniently shared knowledge.”

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