Milk Facts: Know what is the right time to drink milk, so that the body gets more benefits

Milk Facts You must have heard many times how beneficial it is to drink milk. This is the reason why babies are definitely given milk. But have you ever wondered what is the right time to drink milk? If not then let us know what Ayurveda says.

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Milk Facts : Milk has a special place in the Indian diet. Be it adults or small children, everyone tries to drink a glass of milk daily. Especially for the good growth of children, milk is definitely given to them, while adults must drink milk for the strength of bones. Many types of flavors can also be mixed in milk and drunk. Many people like to drink it in the morning, while many drink it before sleeping. But, do you know what is the right time to drink milk?

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What is the best time to drink milk?

According to Ayurveda, the best time for adults to drink milk Facts is before going to bed at night. Whereas, children should drink milk in the morning itself. Ojas is promoted by drinking milk at night. Ojas is known in Ayurveda as a state when proper digestion is achieved. Drinking milk helps in getting good sleep. Also, the level of activity during sleep is also less, so the body absorbs more and more calcium from milk.

What are the benefits of drinking milk?

Milk is rich in nutrients, due to which bones are also strong. It is a high source of protein, calcium, vitamin-B12, vitamin-D and phosphorus. Drinking milk daily boosts immunity, but it can also trigger heartburn.

How much milk should be consumed in a day?

You can comfortably drink 2 to 3 cups of milk throughout the day, but at the same time remember that excess of anything can be harmful. If you are drinking full-cream milk, don’t drink more than a cup or two, else it can lead to weight gain.

How can milk be made tasty?

There are very few people who like plain milk. This is the reason why milk shake, fruit shake are very popular. However, according to Ayurveda, fruits should never be mixed with milk Facts or curd. It is believed that fruits combine with milk to produce gas, these toxins lead to sinus, cold, cough and allergies. You can drink natural flavors, sugar, jaggery, honey, dates or turmeric in milk. Chocolate powder can be added to milk for babies.

What is the right way to drink milk?

Mixing fruits with milk is not recommended in Ayurveda. In such a situation, the question is that then what is the right way to drink milk Facts? Whether milk is cold or hot, it benefits the body in both ways, but it also makes a difference at what time you are drinking milk. If you are drinking milk during the day time, then you can drink it either cold or hot. Whereas, if you are drinking before sleeping at night, then drink only lukewarm or hot milk. Cold milk Facts at night can cause stomach upset, which can disturb your sleep.

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