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MoU Eases Health Revolution and Medical Societies Cooperation

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EIT Health (part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology) and the Biomedical Alliance in Europe (BioMed Alliance) have signed up the two-year MoU to facilitate closer cooperation between the health care innovation sector and leading medical societies across Europe.

The group’s goal to work together to enhance the direction and entrepreneurial character of the medical community in the identification and study and development of innovation, as well as strengthening the continuing medical education readily available to health care professionals, such as in electronic and data literacy.

Healthcare innovation in Europe

There are definite synergies and complementarities that exist between the largest health innovation network in Europe — EIT Health — that represents academia, industry, research, and healthcare delivery, in addition to startups and entrepreneurs (EIT Health), and the company representing more than 400,000 researchers and health care professionals within 35 European health societies — BioMed Alliance.

Delivering safe, powerful, and effective healthcare solutions necessitates the strong participation of the medical community together with entrepreneurs to make sure that patient and clinical needs will be the driving force.

The partnership between EIT Health and BioMed Alliance intends to further a culture of cooperation and co-creation in healthcare research and innovation, ensuring the right men and women are involved in any way stages.

Jan-Philipp Beck, EIT Health CEO, said: “In order for innovative healthcare solutions to possess true impact, we must construct them straight in reaction to, and alongside, the caregivers who will use them along with the patients who will benefit. Likewise, the upskilling and continuing education of healthcare professionals is essential to the broad adoption of advanced solutions — that can only be achieved when people are ready and prepared to utilize them. We are extremely pleased to collaborate with all the BioMed Alliance and eager to work together on bringing the health community even closer to health innovation”

Innovation is inevitably linked to transforming and consequently, instruction for healthcare workforces have to be constant, particularly in reaction to the rise in electronic options like Artificial Intelligence (AI) within healthcare settings. A report published in 2020 from EIT Health and McKinsey & Company, emphasized a large gap in electronic skills amongst existing healthcare workforces and summarized the need for holistic digital education to be inserted into medical curricula, as well as continuing medical education (CME).

We believe that by joining forces on issues of shared interest, we can have a much bigger impact on catalyzing excellent health research and innovation in European health care.

“A crucial example is CME. Medical societies are among the most significant providers of high-quality and objective CME and there are key opportunities to collaborate with EIT Health when it comes promoting innovation through education.”

The MoU will be in place for a period of 2 years, and instantly facilitates the joint functioning of those associations.

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