Nail Paint Side Effects: Be careful if you are fond of applying nail paint, this hobby of yours can prove fatal

Most of the girls use nail paint to enhance the beauty of their nails. But do you know that excessive use of this nail paint which enhances your beauty can prove to be harmful for you.

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At present, everyone is trying to make themselves look beautiful and better. People adopt many ways to look beautiful. Whether it is a boy or a girl, everyone likes to live according to the trends these days. A different craze is seen especially among girls regarding this. From their hair to their nails, girls take great care of everything. To look good, not only the beauty of the face is necessary, but other things also matter a lot.

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To enhance the beauty of one of these nails, most of the girls resort to nail paint. Almost every girl likes to apply nail paint. If you are also among those people, then definitely know about the harmful effects of nail paint that beautifies nails.

nails get damaged

Most of the girls like to apply nail polish. There are many girls who are so fond of nail paint that they use it a lot. But, excessive use of nail polish can be very harmful for your nails. Actually, by applying nail polish continuously, the nails become weak and their natural shine also ends.

damage to the nervous system

A chemical called Toluene is found inside nail polish, which reaches other cells of our body from nails through nail polish. This chemical can damage our nervous system by coming in contact with the cells of the body.

nail paint harmful to lungs

Spirit is used to make nail polish. This chemical used in nail paint is very harmful for our lungs. Not only this, going inside the body of chemicals present in nail paint can cause neuro, gut and respiratory problems.

risk of colorectal cancer

Many harmful chemicals are used to make nail polish that makes nails look beautiful. One of these chemicals, acrylates, also has a bad effect on health. If this chemical comes in contact with the skin or enters the body through breathing, it increases the risk of colorectal cancer.

Nail polish is the reason for many other problems

Apart from all this, a chemical called formaldehyde is also found in nail paint, exposure to which can cause problems related to myeloid leukemia ie bone marrow, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets deficiency.

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