NITI Aayog Forecasts the Health Care Industry to Reach $372 bn by 2022

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The sections are predicted to increase as an aging population with an increasing middle class increasingly preferring preventative health care, it stated. Rising cases of lifestyle diseases, such as hypertension, higher blood pressure, obesity, poor diet, and alcohol intake in metropolitan areas are fostering demand for specialized maintenance providers, ” it said. “Along with these demographic and epidemiological trends, covid-19 is very likely to catalyze long-term fluctuations in attitudes towards private health and hygiene, medical insurance, fitness, and nutrition, in addition to health monitoring and healthcare check-ups. The pandemic has also hastened the adoption of electronic technologies, such as telemedicine. Additionally, there’s an increasing emphasis on the development of public-private venture models in India’s health industry,” it stated.

According to the report, India’s comparative cost competitiveness and access to skilled labor will also be making it a preferred destination for medical worth traveling. It stated the hospital section provides attractive investment opportunities for players at tier-2 and 3 towns. “In Reference to pharmaceuticals, India can Enhance national Creation, supported by Present government Plans Using performance-linked sops,” it said. It said production of medical apparatus and equipment, growth of diagnostic and pathology facilities, and miniaturized diagnostics have high development potential. Anyway, medical worth traveling has bright prospects, provided India’s inherent advantages in other systems of medicine. Tech advancements like AI, wearables, and other cellular technology, together with the Web of Things, additionally provide numerous avenues for investment,” it said.

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