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Nocca Robotics Sees 20-25 Times Leap in Demand for Covid Ventilators, Seeks Centre’s Help

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Startup firm Nocca Robotics found a 20-25 fold leap in demand for Covid ventilators a week and asked the authorities to facilitate norms to secure components needed for making the gear.

Nocca Robotics co-founder Nikhil Kurele clarified that demand has started coming for the last one week and no one is going to coincide with the scale. Today we’ve been approached for about 1,500 ventilators however we haven’t approved the orders. Our infrastructure can encourage the creation of 60-70 ventilators a month. We’re now quickly climbing,” Kurele explained.

He explained that there are particular elements that the company procures in the united states and Europe as well as component suppliers who weren’t prepared for this type of demand.

“We’re rushing for parts and want to ask the central authorities to align their individual sections as was the situation in stage 1 so that we are able to procure components readily,” Kurele explained.

The startup company, which has developed a cheap COVID-19 technical ventilator, said the unit is priced at about Rs 4 lakh a device, and it’s 25-30 percent cheaper in comparison to its rivals.

“We do not wish to compromise quality. By Wednesday hope to scale up into a power of 40-45 ventilators every day and scale this up to 60-65 ventilators every day at the end of the month if element provides are more relaxed,” Kurele explained. PRS

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