Is orange juice beneficial in vitamin D deficiency? Learn how this 1 sour fruit can cure many diseases

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  Vitamin     D is  one of  the  essential vitamins  for the body, whose deficiency   can affect your bones and your mental health.  Actually, it is a  vitamin that   works slowly in  the body and improves the  texture  of skin and bones.  Lack   of it    can  worsen your skin tone, make bones hollow  from inside and you may   face  problems like osteoporosis and fractures.   You may have  to do it.    In such a situation  , drinking 1 glass of orange juice daily  can remove  vitamin D deficiency in the body    .  How, you know.

 Orange  juice  in vitamin d  deficiency in vitamin d deficiency in Hindi?

There is  always one thing  in the  mind of  people about oranges that they are  rich in vitamin C.  But, there  is also one thing    associated  with it that  oranges contain D-limonene, a compound  that works like  vitamin D.  yes.  Its antioxidants increase   the     immunity  of  the body and together with calcium make the bones of  the body strong.

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Orange juice can  remove   many diseases

1.  Beneficial in high cholesterol

D-limonene in high cholesterol can melt gallstones containing cholesterol  .    Due to its gastric acid neutralizing properties, it is also helpful in relieving  gastroesophageal reflux (GERD).

2.  Beneficial in Osteoporosis

When     D-limonene is mixed with calcium, it improves bone health.  It    increases  bone density  and helps prevent problems like osteoporosis and fractures   .

Apart from  this,  it is also beneficial  for high BP patients and people with weak immunity.  So,   for all these benefits,   definitely  consume  orange juice daily.


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