Parawell By Health In Motion Network Powers Pharmacy Evolution

Patients and Pharmacists Engage through Comprehensive, Personalized Health Information

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Parawell, a technology platform offered by Health in Motion Network (HIMN), provides pharmacists with comprehensive, connected data sources including medical records, lab reports, remote monitoring devices and/or wearables, and prescription information. Equipping pharmacists to be more informed about patients’ health enhances clinical service delivery, improves patient engagement, and streamlines practice workflows.

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Parawell is currently being used nationally by prominent pharmacy organizations, with additional distribution and partnerships pending. Core to Parawell’s roll-out strategy has been the shared direction of Ray Shealy, Chief Executive Officer, and Cathy Kuhn, President and Chief Pharmacy Officer. Both Shealy and Kuhn are recognized leaders with decades of success in creating novel healthcare technology solutions.

Shealy’s broad expertise includes substantial involvement with healthcare information exchange and data access. About Parawell, Shealy comments, “bridges significant gaps in the healthcare continuum, uniting data with clinical pharmacy expertise and patient needs. The combination of advanced technology and individualized clinical support is unique in the market today.”

Kuhn, a practicing pharmacist as well as industry executive, consistently demonstrates her visionary perspective, and is directly responsible for overseeing the clinical strategy for Parawell. “Pharmacists historically did not have access to patient health information beyond prescriptions. With Parawell, we empower pharmacists and patients through information access and communication,” says Kuhn. “The improved outcomes and related cost-savings associated with care provided by pharmacists are compelling to patients and providers, as well as payers and employers.”

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The Parawell platform, offered through Health in Motion Network, is leading clinical pharmacy market evolutions. Pharmacists, long respected as trusted and qualified healthcare professionals, are being increasingly viewed as important to help resolve healthcare challenges, including physician shortages. Medication management, remote patient monitoring, disease state management and related services demand solutions that combine digital resources with provider collaboration. These priorities are aligned with ongoing efforts to escalate data-sharing and interoperability, as well as shifts in payments to incorporate more value-based reimbursement models.

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“Now is the time for healthcare to embrace transformation through efficient involvement of pharmacists in the care continuum,” states Shealy. “We have the technology. We know the importance of health information, and connectivity between patients and providers. Care teams with pharmacist involvement are effective. Parawell brings these factors together and improves the quality and efficiency of healthcare for all.”

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