Patients of high BP should not put pillow in their head but in their feet, know which side to sleep and what should be kept in mind

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High BP

How to sleep when bp is high in hindi: The risk of heart diseases is very high in high BP patients. In such a situation, it is very important to keep BP control from the beginning. Small habits can be useful for you in controlling BP. Like your diet and your sleeping pattern. Actually, if we talk about sleeping only, then the blood circulation towards the feet is very fast while sleeping. This can cause you to feel pressure in your feet and discomfort in the legs. In such a situation, adopting the right way of sleeping can help in reducing high BP. How do you know?

Which side should sleep to lower blood pressure – best position to lower blood pressure

If you are a patient of high BP, then to reduce blood pressure, sleep on the left side. Such sleeping is the best position for high BP as it gives relief to the blood vessels that return blood to the heart, managing BP.

Pillow position for high blood pressure

In the problem of high BP, sleeping with a pillow on the feet is considered beneficial. Actually, what happens is that when you put a pillow on your feet, then the BP starts decreasing and the blood circulation gets relief. It relaxes your blood pressure, which reduces the restlessness of the legs and you can avoid the problem of high BP.

Apart from this, if high BP patients sleep wearing loose socks (Does wearing socks affect bp), then it will be very beneficial for your health. It will first balance the BP and then correct the blood circulation in the body. This will lead to a better sleep and the problem of high BP will automatically be under control. 

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