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Portugal Leads the Charge Towards Enhanced Health Tech Access

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“Once adopted, the law on health technology evaluation is going to be a significant step ahead in health. It will offer a solid frame for co-operation, to the advantage of member countries, business, and, most importantly, citizens.” And Brussels notes these improved evaluations can result in innovative and efficient health tools attaining patients quicker, based on Health technology, like that used to assemble lifestyle information (Fitbit, by way of instance ), can play an integral part in helping to personalize the health insurance business, says Swiss Re’s Global Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Schoonbee. adds that using the mandate agreed today by the ambassadors of the 27 member nations and contributed to the Portuguese presidency, discussions with the European Parliament can begin instantly. Possessing an HTA at the European level implies that member nations can collaborate under four columns, states that the proposal: combined clinical evaluation, combined scientific evaluation, identification of emerging medical technology, and voluntary collaboration in different locations.

The proposed laws — that has been three decades in the building — supply for developing a coordination group that will work on joint clinical evaluations and joint scientific consultations on health technology. The Coordination team will bring together federal health authorities in the 27 EU member countries. The team will have the ability to execute HTA, which makes it possible for authorities to ascertain the relative efficacy of existing or new health technology (i.e. medical devices like pacemakers, surgical and medical procedures, and steps for the prevention, identification, or therapy of diseases utilized in healthcare), in addition, to make evidence-based decisions about the reimbursement or pricing of those technologies.

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