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QuoLab Technologies has Teamed up with the Cyber Alliance to Protect our Healthcare

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QuoLab Technologies, a data-centric security operations platform (SOP) provider, announced today collaboration with the Cyber Alliance to defend our Healthcare. The Alliance, which was established by C5 Capital, brings together security professionals dedicated to the cyber protection of today’s healthcare systems and providers. QuoLab’s SOP will be added to the Alliance’s arsenal of tools and services to help healthcare providers deal with the various data protection challenges they face.

Malicious cyber actors are targeting healthcare systems, providers, and labs in unprecedented numbers, causing harm to the most sensitive systems and facilities, which are particularly important during a pandemic. In response to these concerns, the Cyber Alliance to Defend Our Healthcare was established to bring together industry leaders to address the cybersecurity challenges that the healthcare industry faces.

“QuoLab Technologies is thrilled and proud to be able to assist our healthcare community at a critical time. Although healthcare organizations aim to provide excellent treatment to patients, threat actors will continue to try to manipulate them, according to Dan Young, CEO of QuoLab Technologies. “Our motivation is to provide the resources that enable cybersecurity professionals to track down those threats while allowing healthcare professionals to focus on what they do best: delivering the high-quality treatment and support that our community requires.”

The Cyber Alliance is in a unique position to bring QuoLab’s expertise to a strategically impacted sector in need of highly professional security operations center (SOC) and managed services, as well as forensic and incident response services, as an association that brings together industry experts to tackle and provide guidance on cybersecurity issues facing the healthcare industry.

“During Covid-19, the Cyber Alliance represents its members’ joint mission to come together as a sector to protect those who are providing our treatment. “We are thrilled that QuoLab has joined us, and we look forward to working on impactful solutions together in the future,” said André Pienaar, Chairperson of The Cyber Alliance to Defend Our Healthcare.

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