Raw turmeric is beneficial in cold and cough: will give relief from arthritis pain, will keep the body warm in winter3

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Raw turmeric

Raw turmeric is considered very beneficial for health in winter. It has many medicinal properties, which help in fighting many diseases.

Dr. Rashmi Chaturvedi, HOD, Ayurveda Department, Bapu Nature Cure Hospital, says that raw turmeric purifies the blood. It acts like a medicine in skin diseases, cold-cough and pain. To avoid strong immunity system and diseases in winter, definitely include raw turmeric in the diet.

Will get rid of infection and cold and cough

In addition to vitamins C and K, essential minerals like potassium, protein, copper, zinc, phosphorus are found in turmeric. It also contains anti bacterial and antifungal elements. Boil raw turmeric in water and add black pepper to it and drink it to get relief from problems like cold, cough and infection. If you are troubled by throat pain and cough, then boil raw turmeric in milk and drink it every morning and evening, you will get relief.

Will get relief from arthritis pain

If there is a problem of arthritis or joint pain, then take raw turmeric. Curcumin found in turmeric is a very good antioxidant, which prevents inflammation in the body and helps in relieving pain. To get rid of pain and swelling, boil raw turmeric in milk and drink it or boil raw turmeric in water and add black pepper. Drink it when the water remains half.

Will get relief from stomach related problems

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties, which gives relief in stomach and digestive problems. Drinking less water in winter causes digestive problems. That’s why eat raw turmeric mixed with lemon. To get rid of problems like diarrhea, indigestion and gas, boil raw turmeric in water and drink it. Boiling raw turmeric and mixing it with equal quantity of garlic and a spoonful of ghee, the problem of indigestion will be removed.

Effective in pyorrhea also

Turmeric has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, due to which it helps in fighting the germs living in the teeth. In case of pyorrhea, mix mustard oil in turmeric and massage the gums in the morning and evening and then rinse with warm water. It provides relief from toothache due to pyorrhea.

Raw turmeric vegetable of Marwar in winter

In Marwar, people eat raw turmeric vegetable in winter. People in Rajasthan also call it superfood. As soon as the season of raw turmeric arrives, this vegetable is prepared and eaten in every household. It is believed that eating it keeps diseases away. Now it is served not only in homes but also in many five star hotels of Rajasthan.

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