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Research Says Indians Feel Lack of Conversation Around Mental Health

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As stated by the Fiama Mental Wellbeing Survey India 2020, which covered 15 cities around India with over 700 participants aged 18-45 decades, 1 in 4 young Indians believes that mental health problems can begin as early as the teens, whereas 70 percent of youthful India believes that one is vulnerable to mental health problems from age 35 granted the socio-economic milieu we reside in. Conversations around mental health in the nation have increased during the past couple of decades, but the issue keeps growing particularly in the younger portion of the nation’s inhabitants.

A recent poll has discovered that 77% of Indians feel the present degree of talks and talks about emotional health in India are insufficient, while nearly 9 in 10 understand that this is a significant well-being facet. 70% of youthful India below the age of 25 have experienced problems with psychological well-being, but just 26 percent are in a position to visit a professional counselor or therapist. This implies that young India remains hesitant in trying out professional assistance, shows the poll conducted in partnership with all Nielsen.

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