Right Time For Fruits: What is the right time to eat fruits? learn

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Right Time For Fruits

Right Time For Fruits Everyone knows how important and beneficial the consumption of fruits is for us. But many times people do not consider it necessary to pay attention to what is the right time to eat it.

Right Time For Fruits: We all have heard people touting the benefits of fruits, especially first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This improves digestion, skin, hair, metabolism, immunity. However, we tend to forget that each person has a unique body type and metabolism. Hence for some people, refrain from eating fruits in the morning. While for others, eating fruit with breakfast is the best experience.

variety of fruits

Each fruit contains a variety of enzymes and acids that can react with the bacteria in the gut and cause good or bad depending on the individual’s symptoms. In such a situation, experts say that before placing them in your plate, understand about the fruits that you are going to consume.

Avoid or consume fruits in the morning?

1. Avoid Fruits

Avoid eating fruits on an empty stomach in the morning if you have acidity, burning sensation, or kapha-related symptoms such as cold, cough, sinusitis, allergies, asthma, high fever, congestion in the lungs, bronchitis, diabetes, and weight gain.

2. Eat fruits

Eat fruits if you have symptoms like constipation, dry skin, dry frizzy hair, weak digestion and weak metabolism. Fruits increase your gut bacteria and stimulate your gastric juices.

3. Remember

Keep in mind that eat the fruit alone. These should not be mixed with vegetables, dairy, grains and pulses or meat as they can be toxic. However, you can have them with dry fruits as they are the same type.

Benefits of eating fruits in the morning-

1. Best Detox Foods

Our body goes through the process of detox from 7-11 am. Unlike anti-detox foods that are high in fat, fruits will increase energy during this process.

2. Metabolism Boost

Fruits are the most easily digestible foods. Consuming these first thing in the morning increases the metabolic rate for the coming hours due to the influx of natural sugars in fruits.

3. Wakes up your body

Your body is in dire need of natural fruit sugars right after you wake up. Try replacing your espresso shot with a fruit plate.

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