Room Heater Side Effects: Sleeping in winter by turning on room heater can be dangerous, it can be heavy on life

Room heater is very dangerous for the body because it dries the air. Which has a direct effect on health.

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Room Heater

Side Effect of Room Heater: People all over India are suffering due to cold. Especially in North India, winter has wreaked havoc. People are in bad condition in this shivering winter. On the other hand, people are not lagging behind in taking various measures to avoid this cold. Those who are in the village warm their hands by lighting a fire, but you cannot sit outside late at night. For this you will need a room heater or blower in the house. There is a lot of relief from the room heater, but for your information, let us tell you that it is very dangerous for your health. Room heater is very dangerous for health. Cases of death of many people have come to the fore even before lighting the heater in a closed room. Therefore, let us tell you that if you sleep with a room heater in a closed room, then be a little careful, otherwise it can prove to be dangerous for you. 

To avoid cold air, infrared heaters, fan heaters or oil heaters as well as many types of room heaters are also available in the market. Oil is considered the best among all these heaters. The work of all heaters is the same that it will increase the temperature. But along with heating the air in a closed room, the heater also dries the air. Because of which the body has to bear a lot of damage. 

Why is the heater harmful?
The heater is used so that the temperature of the room increases and the room remains warm. By running the heater in a closed room, the level of oxygen in the room starts decreasing. Due to which the moisture of the room starts decreasing. Because of this people’s nose and eyes start closing. Carbon monoxide gas comes out from the room heater. Which is very dangerous for the body. This poisonous gas proves extremely harmful for the lungs. This blood reaches the lungs and mixes in the blood. Due to which the level of hemoglobin also decreases.

Increase in the level of carbon monoxide in the room causes these problems in the body

sudden headache

feel dizzy

abdominal pain

itchy eyes and vomiting

to be sick

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