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Rune Labs Expands into Europe with Launch of Portuguese Subsidiary

Portugal product design team brings deep healthcare design expertise to precision neurology

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Rune Labs

Rune Labs, a precision neurology software and data platform company, today announced the creation of a team of lead designers based in Lisbon, Portugal who will be focused on expanding features and workflows for Rune Labs’ StrivePD ecosystem for Parkinson’s care. The subsidiary will also be Rune’s first permanent presence in Europe.

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Because people diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease have a wide array of symptoms that vary from person to person, a personalized approach that takes into account each patient’s unique disease experience is necessary when providing care. That’s why Rune Labs developed StrivePD, a digital care ecosystem that enables people with Parkinson’s to share their daily disease experience with their care team in between clinical visits. StrivePD aggregates multimodal data, ranging from peripherals such as an Apple Watch to implanted devices such as deep brain stimulation, to enable the care team to personalize treatment via the clinician web portal.

The Portugal design team will research and incorporate the Parkinson’s patient experience across StrivePD, and work closely with the engineering and neuroscience teams to co-develop solutions that take into account researcher, clinician, and patient needs. The team will also be responsible for designing data-focused experiences that feature complex multi-modal datasets for neuroscience and patient care.

“Rune Labs is focused on enabling human-centered care to people living with Parkinson’s, and the Portugal team of product designers will ensure that patients, clinicians, and researchers have a voice in our products,” said Will Newby, VP of Product at Rune Labs. “StrivePD was developed to provide care teams with the necessary data to optimize each patient’s treatment, but we want to ensure that Parkinson’s patients are also directly involved in their care.”

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The design team members bring a wealth of experience in healthcare product design, particularly in creating user experiences that empower patients and provide caregivers with tools to improve treatment decision-making. The team has worked together for over seven years and developed 10 marketed products across data analytics and digital pathology. The majority of team members contributed to a patent for the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche.

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Rune’s first-in-class precision neurology software platform integrates electrophysiology, brain imaging, and device data together with wearable data and clinical labels. The combination provides researchers, drug developers, and clinicians with the tools to guide treatment, uncover hidden disease phenotypes, and design better-targeted therapies. Its lead product, StrivePD, allows patients to track their symptoms and medication use in advance of clinical visits. The platform also includes a comprehensive dashboard tool that helps movement disorder specialists and neurologists visualize various data sources, to identify patterns within and across patients to tailor and optimize care.

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