Running For Health: You do not even do these mistakes after workout, know before it harms the body

Running For Good Health: The basic rule of doing any kind of physical activity is to keep the body hydrated before and after the workout session.

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Running For Good Health: There is nothing better than a good long run. The adrenaline rush and energy we feel after completing our daily routine is incomparable and makes us feel that we have utilized our day to the fullest. But what do you do after you run? Go home, take a shower and start your busy day, right? Though we all are busy with our lives and plan our days accordingly, doing certain activities after an intense running session can hinder your workout efforts. There are simple post-run routines that you should follow after your running session.

Keep the body hydrated

The basic rule of doing any kind of physical activity is to keep the body hydrated before and after the workout session. Missing this important step can make your workout session less effective. After a workout, our energy drops and we lose fluids through sweating. Eating nutritious food and drinking water can help rebuild the muscle you broke down during your run and refuel. You should preferably eat within 20 to 30 minutes after your session. Avoid eating too much food as it can affect your efforts as well.

Resting after a workout

Running is an exhausting activity, which elevates your heart rate and leaves you gasping for air. Resting after a long run is important for getting your heart rate and breathing back to normal. But it must be done correctly. Lying down after your running session will sabotage your workout. Instead of just sitting or being completely inactive, focus on light activities. 

Stay in the same clothes

It is natural to feel a bit sluggish after a running session, but staying in the same sweaty clothes may not be a good idea. The sweat covering your clothes after your workout carries bacteria, which can multiply and give you skin problems. Wearing the same wet clothes for a long time can also cause cold. So, throw your workout clothes in a laundry bag as soon as you get home. Even if you haven’t sweated that much, wet clothes are perfect for bacteria to grow. Even if you do not take a bath immediately, change your clothes.

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