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SaaS Software Currently Dominating The Cloud Computing Market, Especially In The Healthcare Industry 2022

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SaaS Software Currently Dominating

Cloud Computing in Healthcare: 10 Ways Shaping the Future of Healthcare  Industry

The SaaS Healthcare Industry will be growing in 2022. The healthcare industry often utilizes software as a service (SaaS) to increase software versatility and accessibility without installing and running applications on multiple computers and data systems. SaaS is currently dominating the cloud computing market, especially in the healthcare industry, and as time goes by, it will only become more prevalent. By 2022, healthcare professionals and facilities can expect to see some new SaaS trends in the industry. An article on LinchpinSEO said that some of the trends are: Use of Multiple Clouds, Increased Attention to Security and Artificial Intelligence.  “SaaS solutions that are Artificial Intelligence-optimized can help companies augment their internal processes with more efficiency, faster automation, and a higher level of personal responsiveness.”  Active Companies in the markets today include HS GovTech Solutions Inc. (CSE: HS), Microsoft Corporation (, Zoom Video Communications, Inc.Oracle Corporation  Palantir Technologies Inc.

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LinchpinSEO in more detail about the trends stated:  “Use of Multiple Clouds. Companies utilizing Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions will see distinct advantages in 2022. As healthcare companies become more confident using multiple cloud providers, SaaS  many companies will strive to increase their ability to store, process, analyze, and secure essential healthcare data. As a result, instead of using various cloud providers for multiple applications or disaster recovery, such cohesive approaches will become more common. SaaS As a result, the number of businesses using cloud-based apps is expected to increase by 19.6%. The current healthcare cloud computing market is valued at nearly $18 billion and is expected to increase by almost 18.7% between 2022 and 2025.  Increased Attention to Security. Since companies will be utilizing multiple clouds in 2022, there will be a greater need for security, privacy, and compliance. Although using a multi-cloud approach has its benefits, such approaches can give rise to new security complexities.   Artificial Intelligence. Many varieties of SaaS are self-learning and autonomous, and fortunately, artificial intelligence will become more and more popular among healthcare companies and organizations. More than 81% of the most successful IT companies have begun to work on AI technologies, allowing them to revolutionize business processes and increase efficiency and productivity while supporting human capabilities and automating repetitive tasks. Artificial Intelligence can provide healthcare organizations with a higher degree of interaction between businesses and responsiveness.”

HS GovTech Solutions Inc.(CSE: HS) BREAKING NEWS:  HS GovTech Solutions Inc. Tracking at 100% Growth In Contracts In the First Half of Q2 – Contract Awards In the First Half of Q2 Are Tracking at a 100% Increase Over Q1 Contract Awards –  HS GovTech Solutions Inc. (the “Company” or “HS GovTech”), a leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications for government has announced that new contract awards with existing customers thus far in Q2 represents the highest number of total new contracts in any quarter with existing customers. The Company has been awarded 11 contracts thus far in Q2, six of which are additional expansions with existing customers SaaS . Current customers expanding their products and services with the Company is a testament of their satisfaction and trust in the Company’s products.

In its second fiscal quarter HS GovTech continues to build upon its strong Q1 sales performance as announced on April 6, 2022. Not only is the Company selling more services to existing customers, but new customer contracts have also increased. Current contract awards in Q2, representing both new and existing customers, could result in the Company’s biggest quarter both in contract volume and total contract value.

The Company continues to win contracts as a leader in the Environmental Health sector, while also successfully broadening its customer base into other government sectors as well. The Company is perfectly positioned to benefit from the Biden Administration’s $1.9 trillion Infrastructure Bill, including $350 billion allocated for State and Local Governments to invest in upgrades and modernizations.

“It appears our continued investment into both technology and personnel over the past several years is paying their dividends.” stated Silas Garrison, CEO of HS GovTech. “Providing existing customers with additional services is as important as attracting new customers. As a Company, our focus has always been on helping our customers operate more efficiently and providing services beyond data management.  We have seen this dedication to our customers manifest itself this quarter into more business with existing customers than ever in our history. I am very pleased with our achievements and milestones to date. I look forward to what should be a record quarter and record year for our Company.

Other recent developments in the markets include:

Cloud Computing in Healthcare | Literature Review | Bibliography

Microsoft Corporation  recently announced the general availability (GA) of the stand-alone version of Microsoft Defender for Business. Defender for Business brings enterprise-grade endpoint security to SMBs, including endpoint detection and response capabilities to protect against ransomware and other sophisticated cyberthreats.

In April 2022, Microsoft surveyed more than 150 small and medium businesses in an online quantitative survey in the U.S. to better understand changing SMB security needs. The survey found that more than 70% of SMBs think cyberthreats are becoming more of a business risk. That concern is well-founded — nearly one in four SMBs surveyed reported experiencing a security breach in the past year.

Despite facing similar risks as enterprises, SMBs often lack access to the right resources and tools, including specialized security staff. Many SMBs still rely on traditional antivirus solutions for their security. Although 80% of SMBs state they have some form of antivirus solution, 93% continue to have concerns about increasing and evolving cyberattacks.

Zoom Video Communications, Inc. recently announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Solvvy, a leading conversational AI and automation platform for customer support. Together, Zoom and Solvvy will offer elevated customer service experiences to a global enterprise base and work quickly to capitalize on new opportunities in contact center and customer support.

The recently launched Zoom Contact Center is the first omnichannel contact center platform optimized for video with a robust suite of channels, such as video, voice, SMS, and webchat, in a single, user-friendly experience. Adding Solvvy’s proprietary technology will broaden Zoom Contact Center’s offering with scalable self-service and conversational AI. With Solvvy, Zoom Contact Center customers will benefit from an automated, integrated, and easy-to-deploy contact center that helps answer end-customers’ questions and solve issues faster, improves the overall customer experience, and drives operational savings.

Oracle CorporationDiebold Nixdorf, a global leader in enabling connected commerce, has recently implemented Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) to replace its network of local HR systems on a single platform. With Oracle Cloud HCM, the company’s HR team will be able to operate more efficiently and gain deeper insights about its global workforce, which includes more than 20,000 employees and has a presence in more than 100 countries.

In 2016, Diebold, Incorporated acquired Wincor Nixdorf to create Diebold Nixdorf, a global organization that specializes in the sale, manufacture, installation and service of self-service transaction systems for banks and retailers around the world. After the acquisition, Diebold Nixdorf was operating on a series of legacy HR systems across different countries that each stored different kinds of employee information. This made it difficult and time consuming to gather insights about its global workforce or find basic information such as the cost of payroll or amount of employee turnover. To address these challenges and establish a unified platform to support its global operations, Diebold Nixdorf selected Oracle Cloud HCM for its ability to deliver a complete solution to streamline HR processes and deliver comprehensive workforce insights.

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Palantir Technologies Inc. a leading builder of operating systems in use across the U.S. government, recently announced it had been selected by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for its 5-year “Solutioning with Holistic Analytics Restructured for the Enterprise (SHARE)” Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) SaaS .

Cloud Computing Saves Health Care Industry Time And Money : All Tech  Considered : NPR

This $90 million BPA will allow HHS officials across the department’s many agencies and missions to select the Palantir platform to support their work SaaS . Palantir’s built-in data protection features, innovative technology, and common security framework were deemed well positioned to address critical technology needs across HHS, SaaS.

HHS established the SaaS SHARE BPA to provide the best value to the department and its partnering agencies through a pool of prequalified contractors to, among other things, improve the delivery success and quality of data driven insights and outcomes. This contracting vehicle marks the expansion of Palantir’s scope of work at HHS and is separate and distinct from Palantir’s work with HHS and its agencies on COVID-19-related health missions.

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