Sitting all day is very dangerous for health, these diseases can happen, know the ways to avoid it

By sitting for long hours, people can come under the grip of other serious diseases including diabetes and heart disease.

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Health Tips: Exercising is very important for a healthy body, because a stagnant body works to give rise to many problems. A research shows that sitting all day long has very bad effects on the body. To avoid these effects, you should walk for 5 minutes every half an hour. This information has been given in the report published in the Journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. It has been told in the report that by walking for five minutes every half an hour, blood pressure and blood sugar level can be reduced.

11 middle-aged and older adults were made part of this research. It was found that walking for five minutes every half hour reduced the rise in blood sugar level after eating by 60%. Walking reduced blood pressure by 4 to 5 points as compared to sitting throughout the day. Walking irregularly also improves blood pressure. Walking for one minute every hour also resulted in a 5-point reduction in blood pressure.

Has a good effect on mental health

Taking a walk once in a while has a good effect not only on physical health but also on mental health. During this study, it was observed that instead of sitting and working all day, participants were feeling less tired by walking for 5 minutes every half an hour. His mood was also better. Walking also helped him maintain more energy. This research suggests that taking a short walk every hour can improve mood. Fatigue is also less.

Why is it important to stir?

Actually, sitting for long hours can make people vulnerable to other serious diseases including diabetes and heart disease. People who work sitting all day have a higher risk of disease than those who walk or walk from time to time. Low physical activity also works to increase the risk of premature death. The bad effects of continuous sitting cannot be eliminated by simply doing yoga daily.

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