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Suburban Diagnostics Has Introduced the New Abbott ID NOW Test for Faster Testing of COVID-19

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The Abbott ID NOW test, developed by Suburban Diagnostics, is a quick molecular test that uses rear technology to speed up the reporting process, allowing patients to receive test results sooner. According to a press release from the company, the test is ICMR certified, and the results will be accurate in the event of an emergency, hospitalization, or even domestic travel.

After sample selection, the Abbott ID NOW test is said to take 30 minutes to produce a report, while the COVID-19 test report is said to take between 24-36 hours after the standard RT-PCR test.

Rapid Testing is a Key to Contain the COVID-19

Broad access to testing is one of the most useful resources for containing the COVID-19 pandemic before an effective vaccine is available. Diagnostic testing, which is used in medical settings to assess if anyone is infected with the coronavirus, is expensive, time-consuming, and overburdened in the United States. However, that isn’t the only form of test available.

After the standard RT-PCR exam, obtaining a COVID-19 test report usually takes between 24-36 hours. After collecting a sample, Suburban Diagnostics’ latest Abbott ID NOW test is said to take just 30 minutes to produce a study. In times of emergency, when taking longer is not a choice for the patient, it is a quicker alternative to the RT-PCR test.

Views from COO of Suburban Diagnostics

“We developed this test for patients who are experiencing a medical emergency and need COVID-19 test results as soon as possible. The test will only be available at a few Suburban Diagnostics locations, according to Sushant Kinra, COO of Suburban Diagnostics. “It is our goal to be at the forefront of this virus-fighting effort. We are optimistic that this facility will play a role in saving more lives by assisting people in speeding up the recovery process during an emergency,” he added.

Many low-cost COVID-19 screening tests can fall short of diagnostic tests in terms of accuracy. However, as long as the findings are accurately interpreted, even moderately accurate screening tests can effectively delay the spread of the virus. Many who recognize the value of rapid screening tests are already acting in the direction.

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