Suffocation due to fire, heart problem: oxygen, hemoglobin level will be low, harmful for asthma and heart patients1

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In order to get relief from the chilling cold, people are seen heating fire at various places in winter. People heat the bonfire by burning cigar, coal, upla and girl. These things bring relief, but are also harmful for health. Dr. Amit Sen is telling the disadvantages of heating fire.

Heating the fire with a coal stove Heating the fire by burning harmful
coal or wood releases carbon along with the smoke. Carbon reaches the body through the respiratory tract, due to which the hemoglobin molecules are blocked and the entire oxygen transport system of the body is affected. Due to lack of oxygen, the cells of the body start dying. Some people have problems like headache, dizziness and shortness of breath.

Asthma and heart
patients are more harmed by the heating of coal flame. There is difficulty in breathing and the heart does not get the right amount of oxygen and harmful substances reach the body.

Oxygen level is low
For normal blood flow in the body, it is necessary that carbon should be released and sufficient amount of oxygen should be available. During winter, a large amount of carbon monoxide starts coming out from the flame of burning coal, which directly reaches the body. Carbon monoxide can also be fatal. It is also harmful for the brain. If the brain does not get oxygen, there can be many mental problems.

The problem of skin burn and redness
due to extreme cold, many times people sit in front of the fire for hours and do not know the time. Redness occurs on the skin until a burning sensation is felt. Many times people heat themselves in the room by lighting a fire in a cauldron or pot. Due to this, a lot of carbon accumulates in the room. Sleep with the door of the room open while sleeping. The flame of coal is very strong which burns the skin fast. It is more harmful for children because their skin is sensitive. Due to burning, redness in the skin or blackening of the skin starts.

Hemoglobin level is low
Sufficient amount of hemoglobin is necessary in the body. Due to the decrease in hemoglobin, the amount of blood in the body decreases. The risk of anemia increases when the amount of blood decreases. In some cases, anemia can also prove to be fatal. Generally, 13.5 – 17.5 grams per deciliter is the normal level of hemoglobin in men. Whereas in women, the amount of hemoglobin of 12.0 – 15.5 grams per deciliter is considered normal. By roasting for too long, carbon monoxide reaches the lungs and mixes in the blood stream and the hemoglobin level starts decreasing. Monoxide increases in the blood, which is a danger bell for health.

The right way
to light a fire Never light a fire sitting in a closed room. This leads to suffocation and at times it can prove to be fatal. Light and heat the fire in an open verandah or a slightly ventilated place so that there is no harm from the smoke.

Do not sit too close to the fire, it causes smoke in the eyes and dryness in the eyes. Sit at a distance from the place where the fire is burning and do not stay in front of the fire for a long time.

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