The sound of cut-cut comes from the bones while getting up and sitting… Understand that bone density is getting less… Take care like this

Decreased bone density can lead to osteoporosis, after which the risk of bone fractures increases. Know how to increase bone density

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Bone Density

Bone Density: Poor eating habits and poor lifestyle affect our health. Bones become weak before time. If there is a problem of pain in knee, elbow and waist while getting up, then it is a matter of concern because it happens when the density of your bone is low, if this problem increases, then there may be a problem of osteoporosis, after which fractures of the bones occur. The risk of increases.

The amount of minerals is present in the tissues present in the bones, it is called bone density. If the bone density is low, your bones can become weak, the risk of breaking them increases, let us know the trick to increase bone density.

Ways to Increase Bone Density

Vitamin D- To increase bone density, the amount of vitamin D in the body should be maintained, because due to deficiency of vitamin D in the body, your bones start becoming weak. Food rich in Vitamin D should be consumed. Apart from this, adequate amount of sunlight should be taken. If you are unable to sunbathe, then vitamin D supplement should be taken, so that there is no deficiency.

Calcium- Calcium has a huge contribution in strengthening the bones. There is a risk of weakening of bones even if there is a lack of calcium in the body. Consuming adequate amount of calcium does not reduce bone density, you can consume calcium-rich foods like milk and dairy food to increase bone density.

Caffeine- There is a risk of weakening of bones due to the consumption of food with high amount of caffeine. In such a situation, keep distance from tea and coffee.

Protein- Deficiency of protein in the body also causes a lot of damage to the bones. Protein prevents bones from becoming hollow. To consume sufficient amount of protein, you can consume food like chicken, meat and lentils.

Salt- Due to the consumption of more salt, the amount of sodium increases in the body, so it does not allow calcium to stay, in such a situation, you should reduce the intake of salt if the bone density is low, otherwise the problem can become complicated.

Consumption of Nuts- Any type of nuts can fulfill the deficiency of all types of nutrition, Vitamin D and calcium are found in plenty in it. Include nuts like almonds, cashews, peanuts and walnuts in your diet. This will complete the deficiency of calcium as well as magnesium.

Exercise – Exercise and physical activity are also necessary to strengthen the bones. You should do yoga exercises and exercises regularly so that you can get benefit in the problem of low bone density. However, before any heavy exercise, do consult a doctor.


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