These 5 beauty products, including nail polish, are made from toxic chemicals, Dr. told that excessive use can cause cancer

Harmful Effects of Cosmetics on Skin: Beauty products that claim to make the skin beautiful, soft are made of many types of toxic chemicals. These have the potential to increase your risk of cancer ranging from itching in your body. In such a situation, experts recommend avoiding its use.

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As soon as the wedding season starts in the country, the crowd at the parlors and cosmetic shops is worth seeing. Like celebs, people have a lot of craze for dress and makeup look. Although boys have also started doing make-up these days, but most of the girls are very fond of all these. There is nothing wrong in grooming yourself. But do you know that these products which make you feel beautiful and perfect are actually making you sick.


Homeopathic doctor Smita Bhoir Patil says that most of the cosmetic products contain such chemicals, which are harmful to health. Excessive use of it or leaving it on the skin for a long time, along with changes in hormones, there is also a risk of some types of cancer.

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