Three Ways Healthcare Is Changing In 2022

myLAB Box Predicts How Telehealth Technology Will Help Us Live Healthier Lives

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Three Ways Healthcare

This year, myLAB Box, the first nationwide at-home testing-to-treatment service, predicts some of the powerful ways healthcare technology will advance in the coming year. With a strong focus on telehealth, innovative companies like myLAB Box offer a number of ways for people to test on their own terms and receive treatment from the comfort of their own homes.

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A World Beyond COVID-19

“The pandemic has kept many people trapped at home, fearful of infection,” said Lora Miro, Co-Founder & CEO at myLAB Box. “The need for telehealth and at-home testing-to-treatment solutions extends far beyond COVID-19, into a wide variety of healthcare issues, including general wellness, cancer screenings and fertility issues. Cutting-edge preventative, diagnostic and treatment options are crucial to maintain and improve our national health.”

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Artificial Intelligence Focused Healthcare

The value of AI applications in every aspect of our lives grows each and every day. is no exception. Machine learning can help doctors to explore massive troves of previously inaccessible data at incredible speed, helping predict future ailments or potential risks faster than ever before.

Better Browsing Through Machine Learning

When it comes to healthcare, there is a hunger for simplicity. People want help as quickly and easily as possible. With advances to AI chatbots, a person will be able to make appointments and answer basic healthcare with greater efficiency. Constantly improving chatbots are essential to automating and speeding up medical care.

88% of Providers Investing in Remote Patient Monitoring Tech

Remote Patient Monitoring

Besides actually being prescribed medicine and treatment, many ailments require further monitoring. Many of the tests that myLAB Box offers, such as our Heavy Metal Screening Test or Heart Health Test, are designed to keep track of certain elements of your health.

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It is likely that medical professionals will innovate even better ways to monitor a patient’s health from afar. These could incorporate wearable devices, or even their smartphones. Innovation in this area is wide open.

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