Turacoz Healthcare Solutions set the stage for innovative scientific dissemination outputs at the 53rd European Medical Writing Association (EMWA) conference in Berlin, Germany

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Turacoz Healthcare

The 53rd EMWA conference, held in Berlin, Germany from May 3 to 7, 2022, provided an excellent opportunity for the medical writing fraternity to network and participate in active discussions around a wide array of medical writing topics.

Dr. Namrata Singh, Founder and Director, Turacoz Healthcare Solutions and an active EMWA member, unraveled the updated ‘Career guide on medical writing’, together with other members of EMWA. Currently, the guide is being reviewed aiming to make it available for the newbies on the EMWA website before the Autumn EMWA conference at Riga, Latvia in November 2022.

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Dr. Namrata Singh went on to chair the first BusDev Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting which will focus on small business owners in the medical writing industry in the European region. In another SIG on Medical Communications, Dr. Singh actively expressed her views on how digital medical communications are the need of the hour and the writers need to upskill themselves to communicate science in a lay language to the non-scientific professionals like graphic designers and web developers to get the message right.

Taking this discussion forward, Dr. Namrata Singh presented a poster titled ‘Using Audio-video Abstracts to Enhance the Research Article – A Retrospective Observational Study.  Turacoz Healthcare The poster reiterated the role of audio-visual abstracts (enhanced publications) to enhance the scientific dissemination techniques and reach out to a larger target audience. She also spoke on how these metrics can be quantified and can help the medical affairs community to strategize their scientific dissemination better. Dr. Singh expressed her concerns over fewer professionals and agencies with the competence and expertise to operate on both sides of the spectrum involving the scientific/medical domain as well as digital technologies.

We create Clear, Cohesive, Complete, Concise, and Concrete scientific communication in a target-specific language and format (both print and digital) so that our clients can focus on core research and development to enhance and improve patient care.

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