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UAB Boosting Mental Health Wellness with New and Mindfulness App

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On an amazing spring, Wednesday UAB staff and students weren’t hurrying to zoom or class meetings, but rather, enjoying a day away.

“It has been a challenging year, its’ been stressful, it has been long, there’ve been many things going on personally for individuals and in our planet and UAB realized that while it is only 1 day at the middle of this week it is a significant time to pause and have a rest and only rest for a moment,” states Angela Stowe. She is the Manager of student counseling services at UAB.

The vacation only 1 example of the University’s continuing commitment to mental health wellness, particularly during the pandemic.

UAB recently established a brand new mental health program known as”B nicely” that is filled with free resources such as a health journal, a stay calendar showing all of the psychological health activities on campus, and strategies to link if you require counseling.

Why is it even more specific, is it was the notion of pupils?

“All the characteristics which are a part of this program were conceived by pupils and came from a petition by pupils when we requested them how do we encourage your emotional wellbeing? ”’ states Stowe.

The program also includes a”locating calm” segment with a library filled with exercises and videos and actions to calm and handle your anxiety, such as yoga provided by the local teacher Ashley Clarke.

The school reached out to her later in-person courses were canceled as a result of COVID-19. Since that time she has made heaps of classes and videos for the college developing a slow-paced nonetheless challenging yoga experience.

“The pandemic had a large effect on why pupils brought this forward, recognizing that there was lots of isolation and loneliness and a needed the means to access funds for self-care,” says Stowe.

The program initially was only for students but has since expanded to school and is currently available to anyone to download at no cost. UAB has plans to expand the service to other universities also.

“We’re really proud of this we’re looking at being able to provide it to other associations so their campus may have access to something like,” says Stowe. “I’m proud to be part of uab that prioritizes mental wellbeing.”

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