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Unimech Healthcare Launches Cloud-Based Disinfection Technology

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UniClean with its cloud-based UVGI technology provides 99.99% virus-free sterilization of surfaces and air in offices, industries, hospitals, malls, theatres, hotels, and restaurants, etc. Unimech Healthcare, a branch of Unimech Aerospace and Manufacturing, has announced the launch of UniClean, its array of alternatives to stop’Work Area Sickness’ and crowd Spread Infections’. This collection of alternatives offers a powerful continuous Disinfection System’ for businesses and business units.

UniClean’s solutions combine UVGI technologies using sensor/tech-enabled performance and cloud-based monitoring that entirely avoids any manual intervention at the disinfection process and retains the system on car mode for successful functioning. Dr. Nidhi Bhatt, Lead-Microbiology Wing, Unimech Healthcare, stated”UVC in 254nm is extremely effective against organic microbiota, virus, foodborne germs, molds, and yeast.

The UVGI program damages the DNA and RNA of germs consequently destroying their capacity to function and replicate. This guarantees microbe and virus free clean breathable surface and air”. What’s more, the effectiveness of this UniCleanarray of alternatives has been analyzed and demonstrated through innovative microbes analyzing and UV testing gear, which clearly reveals the potency of both microbes removal pre and post-installation.

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