UpHealth Digital Dispensaries Across India Show Over 380% Growth in Q1 2022

Digital-first HelloLyf™ dispensaries are closing the health care gap among women and children, creating access to affordable, top-quality care

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UpHealth Digital

UpHealth, Inc. announced that its HelloLyf™ CX digital clinic consultations across India have shown tremendous growth this year, with patient consultations increasing by 4 times. Consultations increased by 380%, to over 173,000 consults by March 31, 2022.

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This growth is a positive sign of digital medicine being embedded, adopted and accepted across rural India, with additional digital clinics expected to open up in the state of Odisha. Due to the substantial growth in consultations, UpHealth has been able to bring more physicians into its network of dispensaries to serve the growing number of patients. Many of the clinics across the country are operating at capacity as of March this year.

The top three patient consultations happening across the dispensaries this year are: internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology and pediatrics. Many women across the country have been able to access affordable, top-quality virtual care that they previously have not had access to, helping to close the gender gap within health care.

“There has been an increasing uptick in consults, and I am extremely satisfied as a woman to be facilitating many physician telehealth services to the undertreated and underdiagnosed gender,” said Richa Sana Azim, UpHealth’s president of digital health, international. “In India, more importance has been given to men’s health, as ‘bread winners.’ The Madhya Pradesh government is acting as a catalyst here, helping families to place importance on women’s health without the burden of monetary concerns.”

The digital clinics provide a complete primary and emergency healthcare solution from start to finish through consultation, confirmatory tests and dispensed medications. With expanded access across the country, patients are able to receive a wide range of services, all in one place.

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UpHealth operates over 500 digital clinics globally in India, providing quality digital healthcare with measurable results, outperforming the most elaborate healthcare systems. In March 2021, they were seeing on average 42,000 consults. As of March 2022, the number of consults has grown four times that, to over 173,000. Madhya Pradesh in central India, has grown to become one of the biggest sectors for HelloLyf™, with more clinics planned for the eastern, northern and northeastern regions of the country later this year.

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