UpHealth Reaches 2 Million Patient Consults Milestone Across Digital Dispensaries in India

High-tech HelloLyf dispensaries create affordable access to quality care for country's rural populations

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UpHealth, Inc. announced that its HelloLyf™ CX digital dispensaries have surpassed 2 million consultations in India. The annual run rate of 2 million consults is rising rapidly and is expected to increase threefold within 12 months.

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UpHealth currently operates over 600 digital dispensaries globally in India, providing quality digital healthcare with measurable results, outperforming the most elaborate healthcare systems.

The digital dispensaries provide a complete primary and emergency healthcare solution from start to finish through consultation, confirmatory tests and dispensed medications. Consults in the digital dispensaries are efficient, requiring only 30 minutes on average, and include:

  • A nurse/lab technician assessment using IoT diagnostic devices;
  • A video consult with a physician, including specialists if needed;
  • Investigations, condition diagnosis and prescription; and
  • Dispensed medication.

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“With our vast reservoir of doctors, extensive reach and commitment to healthcare access for all, these digital dispensaries are steering health and technology in directions that benefit local, national and global communities. We are making healthcare accessible in rural locations in India while also dramatically lowering the cost of healthcare for patients,” said Dr. Sabahat Azim, International CEO of UpHealth.

“This milestone is another proven example of UpHealth’s dedication to taking healthcare to the next level and creating a world in which everyone, everywhere, can enjoy their best health through quality care.”

The top-performing HelloLyf CX digital dispensaries are currently averaging 48 daily consults with 168,000 consults occurring in January alone. This exponential growth in the number of consults has doubled its pace each year. All 600 clinics are expected to reach around 7 million consults per year. In addition, UpHealth is adding even more dispensaries across more regions.

The tech-led, remote process allows patients to receive faster care with shorter wait times, which average less than 10 minutes.

Nearly 70 percent of India’s population is located in rural areas that lack organized healthcare.

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India’s rural population is discerning and prefers innovative solutions to healthcare access,” said Richa Azim, president of Glocal Healthcare, the international arm of UpHealth. “They want to be seen by established physicians from major cities without having to take on travel expenses.”

HelloLyf enables patients to request a specific physician if they have virtually “seen” that physician at the dispensary previously or if they want to be seen by a specialist.

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