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UV Healthcare Group Launches SafeAirUV System

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Unlike other products which have been recently released to the marketplace utilizing toxic UV-C germ bulbs, SafeAirUV™ goods are constructed using UV-C LEDs which are coated in a room to make certain that nobody is subjected to some UV-C mild, providing a safer, cheaper, and more environmentally sound alternative for industrial buildings, schools, senior living centers, and health care places.

Whereas HEPA filters trap but don’t kill bigger aerial pathogen particles, the SafeAirUV™ System employs the strongest UV wavelength of 275nm to inactivate bacterial and viral DNA in contaminants of any size whilst measuring the air in chambers several times per hour.

“A safe and productive return to public life relies upon long-term solutions supported by science which guarantee virus-free atmosphere,” explained Paul Salzinger, executive vice president of UV Health Group. “The SafeAirUV™ System is intended to remove all airborne germs, which range from SARS-CoV-2 into Influenza and even the frequent cold. Just the space air passage through the SafeAirUV room is ever exposed to the UV-C LEDs, which means that it is totally safe for individuals to maintain the area while the SafeAirUV System is about and the air is circulating. This a crucial step in resuming school, business, hospitality, and group alive surgeries in public settings.”

As per a recent poll by Honeywell International, 68 percent of employees don’t feel secure working in their company’s buildings. The poll also discovered that one in 4 distant employees would search for a new job instead of return to a website that didn’t implement necessary security measures. The lack of assurance in a secure return to normal operations places the onus on commercial construction management to supply science-based air security assurances.

“The growth of epidemic infectious diseases and pathogens within the last decade culminated in COVID-19,” explained Dr. Paul Anderson, an assistant research scientist at veterinary pathobiology and associate manager for LIDR. “If anything, we heard that we can not afford to be more reactive to prospective health emergencies. The best defense against the inevitability of future pandemics is a product that is proactively ensured to eliminate all airborne pathogens. In our evaluations, the SafeAirUV System quickly inactivated the SARS-CoV-2 virus below a detectible level”

Confidence™ LED Lighting delivers advanced LED downlighting with virus-killing capacities and may be set up in fall ceilings in moments. The Assurance™ SafeAirUV fixtures supply exactly the identical virus-killing capacities and may be mounted or suspended from the ceiling. The goods are available to business customers and via a growing dealer network.

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