Vegetable Benefits: Raw or boiled vegetables, know which is more beneficial for health

Raw Or Cooked Vegetable: Eating vegetables is considered healthy. Some people eat boiled vegetables and some like to eat raw. But do you know how to eat vegetables is more beneficial.

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Health Tips:  Good diet is needed for good health. Good diet means food rich in nutrients. Our body needs vitamins and minerals. In such a situation, these nutrients are supplied in our body by the consumption of vegetables. Whether it is to sharpen eyesight, to get glowing skin or to lose weight, the solution to more than half of our problems is found in vegetables, some say that eating boiled vegetables gives more nutrients, then somewhere in hearing It comes that eating raw vegetables is more beneficial for health. Tomato, carrot or radish are different, they can be eaten raw, but what about other vegetables? Let us know how using vegetables can be beneficial for your health…

Steaming is the better way
We cook food in many ways like steaming, microwave, boiling or frying. According to the Journal of Zhejiang University Science, a study was done on the nutrients and health-improving compounds of broccoli. In this study, the results came out that all methods of cooking (except steam) damage the vitamin C and chlorophyll present in vegetables. At the same time, along with soluble proteins, there is also a decrease in sugar. It can be said that cooking vegetables especially broccoli in steam is much better for health.
These are the benefits of consuming boiled vegetables
1. According to nutritionists, cooking vegetables in steam is healthier than other methods of cooking. It is more safe to cook vegetables. At the same time, it is considered a quick cooking method.
2. By cooking vegetables in steam, most of their nutrients remain intact. There is no deficiency in niacin, beta carotene, pantothenic acid and vitamin C found in vegetables. 
3. Some vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, tomato, sweet potato and cauliflower soften easily when steamed. Vegetables cooked in this way are easily digested. Digestive system does not take much effort to digest food.
4. The biggest advantage of cooking vegetables in steam is that its color and texture remain intact. However, according to experts, excessive steaming will discolor them.

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