Veriff Unveils Healthcare-Focused Identity Verification Offering

New solution suite uses biometric identity verification and authentication services to keep private health information (PHI) and patients safe

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Veriff Unveils Healthcare

Veriff, a global identity verification provider has released a new suite of identity verification solutions built specifically for the healthcare industry. As the use of telehealth and other digital health services continues to rise across the globe, there is an increased need among healthcare providers and payers to validate the identities of patients to ensure they are who they say they are and to protect their privacy and digital health footprint.

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While consumers want the ease of convenience associated with digital healthcare, it can’t come at the cost of compromising their personal information. Cases of medical identity theft reported to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rose from approximately 6,800 in 2017 to more than 45,500 in 2020, signifying fraudsters’ increased ability to obtain prescriptions, submit false insurance claims and even obtain false benefits under victims’ names. Veriff’s AI-powered, video-first approach to identity verification will enable healthcare organizations to prevent fraud and establish digital trust and transparency along the entire patient journey.

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“Every person deserves access to quality healthcare and they should never have to experience a delay or refusal of care due to a breach of security beyond their control,” said Janer Gorohhov, Veriff co-founder and CPO. “Through our latest identity verification solution, Veriff is building trust across all dimensions of virtual care as it ensures patient and provider safety with private health information protection. As claims of medical identity fraud continue to rise, investing in additional identity verification measures is critical in order to keep the digital healthcare landscape safe for all users – patients, providers and payers alike.”

Use cases and benefits of Veriff’s healthcare identity verification solution include:

  • Digital health record protection – Veriff’s technology enables seamless onboarding and authentication of users on patient portals as a means to communicate with providers and payers. This enables secure access to private health records, EHR systems and insurance claims through the use of biometric authentication for increased protection instead of standard passwords.
  • Secure telemedicine and prescription delivery – Easy verification of patient identities makes telemedicine appointments safe and simple. Veriff quickly authenticates patients before they virtually meet with healthcare providers and helps patients securely fill and refill prescriptions online, ensuring that only the prescribed patient receives prescriptions by authenticating identities in real time at the point of delivery.
  • Automated intake & reduced friction points – Patients and providers can experience increased automation along their journey with extracted and verified data automatically inputted in their user profile, verifying new patient identities to ensure accuracy and speed through a seamless digital intake experience.

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