Vitamin- B12 Deficiency: Vitamin-B12 deficiency can cause these diseases, consumption of these 4 food items will be beneficial

Vitamin- B12 Deficiency Vitamin-B12 deficiency can make you a victim of many diseases. Its deficiency also affects mental health. You can make up for the deficiency of this nutrient by including these foods in your diet.

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The body needs all the vitamins to stay healthy, but if there is a deficiency of any nutrient in the body, then you can become a victim of many diseases. However, you can overcome the deficiency of vitamins by changing the diet. Today we will tell you about Vitamin-B12, what harm can be done to the health due to the deficiency of this nutrient.

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Vitamin-B12 deficiency can cause these problems

– Fatigue, nausea, weight loss.

– Yellowish appearance of the skin.

Mental health can be affected.

Decrease in eyesight.

Bone disease.

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To overcome the deficiency of Vitamin-B12 in the body, you can include some food items in the diet. Let’s know about these healthy foods.

1. Eat fish

Many nutrients are found in fish, which protect the body from many diseases. Vitamin-B12 deficiency can be removed by its use. You can include salmon fish in the diet, it is a rich source of vitamin-B12.

2. Consume dairy products

Dairy products i.e. milk, curd, paneer contain many nutrients including Vitamin-B12. With its regular intake, you can meet the deficiency of Vitamin-B12.

3. Eat Eggs

Nutrients are present in abundance in eggs. Vitamin-B12 is present in good quantity in it. To overcome the deficiency of this vitamin in the body, one can consume boiled eggs daily.

4. Eat Broccoli

Broccoli is rich in vitamin-B12 and folate. The body gets energy by consuming it. You can consume broccoli to overcome the deficiency of this nutrient. 

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