Vitamin-E Rich Foods: To remove Vitamin-E deficiency, make these 5 things a part of the diet

Vitamin-E Rich Foods Due to the deficiency of Vitamin-E in the body, you can become a victim of many dangerous diseases. You can overcome the deficiency of this nutrient by including some foods in the daily diet.

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 It is very important to eat nutritious food to stay healthy. Vitamins help protect us from many diseases. Especially Vitamin-E, if it is deficient in the body, then you can become a victim of many dangerous diseases.


Vitamin-E boosts immunity, which helps fight bacteria. Not only this, it also helps in preventing cholesterol problems, as well as it is very beneficial for hair and skin. Let us know, what things you can consume in the diet to meet the deficiency of Vitamin-E.

Eat these 5 things to meet Vitamin-E deficiency

eat spinach

Spinach contains iron, potassium and many vitamins. It is the main source of Vitamin-E. To meet the deficiency of this vitamin, you can consume spinach regularly. If you want, you can eat raw spinach in the form of salad or you can eat spinach after cooking it.


Sufficient amount of fiber, magnesium and vitamin-E is found in this fruit. That’s why it is considered very beneficial for health. You can include it in the daily diet.


Almond is a rich source of Vitamin-E. You can consume almonds regularly so that there is no deficiency in the body. If you have dry skin problem, then definitely massage with almond oil.


Vitamin-E is also found in sufficient quantity in broccoli. It is considered very beneficial for health. You can remove Vitamin-E deficiency by including it in the daily diet.

Sunflower seeds

Vitamin-E is abundant in sunflower seeds. If you have problems with hair loss and dry skin, you can include its seeds in limited quantities in your regular diet. Anti-oxidant properties are also found in it, which helps in fighting free-radicals.

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