Weight Loss Drink: Why shouldn’t you start the day with tomato juice and lemonade in winter for weight loss?

Why people trying to lose weight are forbidden to start the day with lemon water and tomato juice in the winter season, know the real reason here. Advantages of not doing this and disadvantages of not accepting it

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Weight Loss

Weight Loss: To lose weight in the summer season, most people start their day with lemon water or by drinking tomato juice. Some people like to have tomato soup in breakfast itself… There is no problem in taking all these things because they reduce the fat stored in your body and prevent new fat from accumulating. 

But if you consume these things in the morning during the winter season, instead of becoming healthy, you will get sick and instead of being fit, you will fall ill. Why is this so, here you must know about it so that you can know the difference between the right choice of food between winter weight loss and summer weight loss and you can choose the right food according to the season.

Why not start the day with lemon water and tomato juice in winter?

The change of weather also affects our body and the body makes many such changes in itself so that the body organs do not face any problem due to extreme heat or extreme cold. The biggest example of this is that the temperature of the human body is maintained around 37 degree centigrade in every season, which is around 98 Fahrenheit in the thermometer.

On this basis, in the changing season, there is a change in acid and alkali ie acid and alkali in the body. This is the reason why eating foods or fruits containing citric acid in the morning during the winter season causes respiratory problems. In these, diseases related to the upper respiratory tract are more common. For example, cough, accumulation of phlegm in the chest, chest pain, difficulty in breathing etc. 

If lemon water or tomato juice is drunk on an empty stomach during the winter season, then cold starts soon. Because due to the excess of citric acid, both of them increase the problem of phlegm and the problem of running nose starts.

Can we eat banana in the morning in winter?

In the summer season, many people start their day by eating banana. Especially those people do this, who go to the gym in the morning, do walk-exercise. However, eating fruits on an empty stomach is not considered very good in Ayurveda. But banana dissolves in the mouth very quickly as compared to other fruits and like other fruits, citric acid is also very limited in it, so you eat it in the morning. But it should be chewed a lot and eaten in such a way that it dissolves in the mouth and becomes juice.

But in the winter season, keep in mind that eating banana on an empty stomach in the morning can cause throat pain, cold or phlegm problems. If you consume black-tea or a cup of hot water after eating banana, then you can eat banana. 

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