WELL Provides Business Update on Wisp – A Leader In Reproductive Health

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WELL Health

WELL Health Technologies Corp. a digital health company focused on positively impacting health outcomes by leveraging technology to empower care practitioners and their patients globally, is pleased to provide an update regarding its majority owned subsidiary, Wisp. As the fastest, most accessible sexual and reproductive telehealth service in the U.S.  , Wisp is committed to providing specialized services to address the most intimate of issues from bacterial vaginosis to herpes to birth control and emergency contraception.

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In light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s verdict on Roe v. Wade, Wisp is announcing its commitment to helping people get the care they need and will be donating 1% of proceeds from its emergency contraceptive and birth control categories for the next 2 months in addition to matching employee donations.

Proceeds will be donated to Wisp’s long-standing partners, Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS) which advances sex education through advocacy, policy and coalition building and The New York Birth Control Access Project (NYBCAP) which helps break down barriers and increases access, so all New Yorkers are able to obtain the birth control they need. Wisp is also paying travel costs for employees that need support with reproductive health services.

“Since launching in 2018, Wisp’s mission has always been to make sexual and reproductive care inclusive, cost-effective, and accessible—for everyone,” said Ahmad Bani, CEO.  “For this reason, we are working extremely hard to advance and accelerate our product development efforts to introduce new products that improve access to reproductive .”

After the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade ruling, Wisp saw an unprecedented 3,000% surge in its emergency contraceptive category within 24 hours.

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“The decision fueled consumer demand for emergency contraceptives from trusted and reliable sources,” commented Dr. Laura Purdy, MD and Wisp Medical Director. “We’re committed to continuing to offer patients safe, accessible and convenient options.”

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