Winter Diet For Kids: Feed these superfoods to children in winter, they will remain healthy

Winter Diet For Kids Children get sick easily in the winter season. But you can save them from seasonal diseases by changing their diet. Let us know what things should be included in the diet of children in winter.

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Winter Diet For Kids

Children need special care in winter. To avoid cold winds, it is not enough to just wear warm clothes, but it is also necessary to pay attention to food. Children get sick easily due to cold. They have more problems of cold, cough and cold. Therefore, in this season, include such foods in the diet of children, which will strengthen their immunity. So, let us know, what things should be included in the diet of children in winter.

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serve soup

Make sure to give soup to children in winter. You can give them by making vegetable soup. Which is delicious as well as nutritious. If the child eats non-veg, then chicken soup can also be given to him. By consuming this, the body remains warm from inside and children can avoid many diseases.

feed carrots

Nutrients are found in abundance in carrots. Vitamin-A is found in it, which prevents the problem of infection and allergy. The test of carrot is also sweet. If you want, you can make carrot pudding and give it to the children. Children will eat it with gusto and it will also prove beneficial for them. 

feed eggs

Protein, Vitamin-A, Vitamin-D and many essential nutrients are found in eggs, which are essential for the health of children. Boiled eggs can be regularly included in the diet of children in winter.

feed jaggery

Calcium, iron and many types of vitamins are found in jaggery, which is beneficial for children. You can use jaggery in place of sugar in a dish or give only jaggery to children in limited quantities.

turmeric and milk

Children must be given turmeric milk to drink in winter. It helps in keeping the body warm. This boosts the immune system.


Vitamin-C and anti-oxidant properties are found in Amla, which is very beneficial for the health of children. Ripe gooseberries can be fed to children. If desired, its marmalade can also be included in the diet of children.

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