Winter Health Tips: The habit of sleeping wearing a sweater at night is injurious to health, there may be complaints of these problems

As soon as winter comes, people protect themselves from cold with the help of warm clothes. In this season, there are some people who sleep wearing sweaters at night. If you are also included in these people, then this habit of yours can be dangerous for your health.

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With the passing days of December, the outbreak of cold is also increasing. Along with the fog, cold has also taken hold in many parts of the country including Delhi. In such a situation, people are taking many measures to avoid cold. From taking hot water bath to wearing warm clothes, people are adopting various things to keep themselves warm in this season. In this winter season, there are many people who feel very cold. In such a situation, most people always wear sweaters. But there are some people who wear sweaters even while sleeping. If you also sleep wearing a sweater to keep yourself warm, then be careful. Because this habit of yours can prove to be harmful for you. Sleeping wearing a sweater at night can cause you many problems.

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Problem of Khulji and Rashes

Wearing a sweater while sleeping at night can cause many skin problems. Because of this, you may have the problem of rashes. Not only this, the sweater is very dry. Also, its fibers harm the skin, due to which the problem of itching starts in the body.

There may be an increase in blood pressure

Wearing warm clothes while sleeping also has a great effect on your blood pressure. If you also wear a sweater at night, then after covering yourself with a blanket, the body heat does not get a place to exit. In such a situation, your blood pressure may increase. Also, patients of BP and diabetes may have problems like dizziness or nervousness.

respiratory distress

If you also have a habit of sleeping wearing a sweater at night, then you may have difficulty in breathing. Actually, sleeping in warm clothes blocks oxygen, due to which you start feeling suffocated and nervous. In such a situation, if you are struggling with any problem related to breathing, then do not sleep wearing a sweater.

dangerous for heart patients

If you are a patient of any heart related problem, then sleeping wearing a sweater can be very harmful for you. Actually, the fine holes present in warm clothes block the heat of the body, which is dangerous for heart patients.

dry skin

Due to the cold winds in the winter season, the skin remains dry. In such a situation, the problem of dry skin can increase further by sleeping wearing a sweater. Also, people who are allergic to wool should also avoid sleeping wearing sweaters at night.

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