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Wysa: Google Assistant Investmnents in Indian AI-base Mental Health App

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Speaking about this new financing, Moez Kaderali, program director for its Google Assistant Investments Program, said in its official launch the post-COVID age had urged people to look after their emotional health, sleep patterns, and stress on a daily basis. Together with Wysa’s explainable AI blending natural language comprehension with clinical certainty, users will have the ability to handle their emotional health in this new ordinary atmosphere.

Addressing this, Jo Aggarwal, co-founder and chief executive of Wysa, said to the press — the program aimed to deal with mental health problems at a scale that is”a low price and clinically guaranteed.” The business is likely to expand beyond language and literacy barriers using voice attributes armed forces with local languages. And that’s why”Google Assistant Fund is the perfect partner,” reasoned Agarwal. Jo Aggarwal and Ramakant Vempati founded the program in 2015 to offer early intervention to insecure classes. It’s been outfitted with an AI-based, mentally smart chatbot, together with evidence-based resources for self-defense tools and messaging-based assistance from individual therapists. Though the program does not address acute mental illness, it helps users in getting early-stage supportive treatment.

Presently, Wysa comes with Indian Trainers that tackle approximately 3 million consumers out of 65 countries, with roughly 80-85percent of the users are from overseas. Launched in 2018, the Google Assistant Investments application was made to assist aspiring startups in advancing their electronic helper ecosystem and innovating new thoughts. Wysa was also one of the very first startups to be contained at the Google For Startups launchpad application in India in 2018. Wysa, an Indian-based AI-enabled mental wellness program, has declared the startup has secured an undisclosed quantity of investment in the Google Assistant Fund. The program has also been established nationwide by the Government of Singapore.

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